I. stamp stamp 1 [stæmp] noun [countable]
1. also postage stamp a small piece of paper that you buy and stick onto an envelope or package before posting it:

• a 29-cent stamp

• Care must be taken that the correct postage stamps for overseas post are used.

2. FINANCE a small piece of paper that is worth a particular amount of money and bought and collected towards paying for something over a period of time:

• television licence stamps

ˈfood stamp
an official piece of paper that the US government gives to poor people so that they can buy food at a low price:

• Only households with a net income at or below the poverty line may qualify for food stamps.

ˈrevenue ˌstamp TAX
in Britain, a piece of paper for sticking to some official papers to show that tax has been paid
ˈtrading ˌstamp COMMERCE
a type of stamp given by a shop to a customer each time the customer spends a certain amount of money, for sticking in a book, and which later can be exchanged for goods or money:

• Last year about 25% of supermarkets were giving trading stamps.

3. a tool for pressing or printing a mark or pattern onto a surface, or the mark made by this tool:

• a passport stamp

ˈdate stamp
1. a stamp that has movable numbers, and is used to print the date on a document or envelope
2. a printed date that shows when something was done or made, or when it should be eaten, sold, or used by:

• According to the date stamp on the report, it was delivered last December.

• The foods now have a date stamp and are guaranteed to reach British shops within six weeks of production.

ˌrubber ˈstamp
1. a small piece of rubber with a handle, used for printing dates or names on documents
2. the person or thing that provides the official approval for something to happen:
rubber stamp for

• The legislature is essentially a rubber stamp for the actions of a powerful political executive.

  [m0] II. stamp stamp 2 verb [transitive]
1. to put a pattern, sign, or letters on something, using a special tool:
stamp something on something

• Stamp the date on all the letters.

stamp something with something

• Your passport must be stamped with your entry date.

2. to stick a stamp on a letter, parcel etc

* * *

stamp UK US /stæmp/ noun [C] COMMUNICATIONS
also FORMAL postage stamp) a small piece of paper with a picture or pattern on it, that you stick onto a letter or package to pay for the cost of mailing it: »

first-class/second-class stamp

a tool used to put a date, an address, or other mark on a document or an object, usually as proof of something: »

The assistant uses a stamp to sign his boss's name.

an official mark put on something that shows a date, an address, or other information: »

Look for the official USDA stamp before you buy.

stamp of approval — Cf. stamp of approval
See also DATE STAMP(Cf. ↑date stamp) noun, FOOD STAMP(Cf. ↑food stamp), REVENUE STAMP(Cf. ↑revenue stamp), RUBBER STAMP(Cf. ↑rubber stamp)
stamp UK US /stæmp/ verb [T] COMMUNICATIONS
to use a tool to put a date, an address, or other mark on a document or an object, usually as proof of something: »

EU citizens don't need to get their passports stamped when travelling within Europe.

stamp sth on sth »

All supermarket food packaging has a sell-by date stamped on it.

stamp sth with sth »

The invoice was stamped with the date that payment had been received.

See also RUBBER-STAMP(Cf. ↑rubber-stamp)

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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